Third time’s the charm?

Apparently bad things do happen in three’s…my truck got hit.  Ugh.  At least now we’re pros at dealing with insurance companies.  This happened when I parked in my neighbor’s driveway to ask him a question.  He didn’t see me and backed into my passenger side door.  No big deal, I wasn’t mad.  He promptly called his insurance and it’ll be fixed soon.



You know when you pay off a vehicle that’s when things start to fall apart?  I hope this isn’t a bad omen of things to come.  Maybe I should be a hermit and just not leave the farm.  Seriously.  When I do go out now I am constantly noticing people on their phone, not paying attention, or just driving like idiots.  Is this heightened sense of awareness because of the accidents or just because I am getting older and value my life more?  I have turned into that person that bitches about idiot drivers and I sometimes fantasize about just letting someone hit me so I can go ape shit crazy on them.  Anyone remember the movie Fried Green Tomatoes?  The supermarket parking lot scene?  “TOWANDA!!”

Is it bad to want to do this sometimes?  There should be a place where you can go to drive a car into other cars like in the video.  Similar to a demolition derby but one car at a time – but I bet people would think that’s too dangerous now.  We, as a collective society, are turning into a bunch of sissies.  Driving, texting, selfish, entitled, ignorant zombies.  Ok, I’m getting sidetracked and can feel my blood pressure rising (God, I’m getting old) so I’ll get off my soapbox now and go watch my chickens.  My non-driving, phone illiterate, blessedly ignorant happy chickens.  🙂



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