I’m So Excited…


As the Pointer Sisters said…

I’m so excited
And I just can’t hide it
I’m about to lose control and I think I like it

Spring is finally here!  That means flowers, vegetables, fruits, mowing, trimming, edging, mulching, baby animals, and on and on and on.  Really, all it means is WORK.  I always wonder if I’m nuts for enjoying this kind of work.  I mean, who in their right mind wants to dig in the dirt, shovel mulch, and pull weeds?  (The real test comes later when all the animals are here and I need to shovel more than just dirt.)

Back to the good stuff – I’m so excited to begin planting…anything!  The first thing I did was go to the nursery and buy a bunch of pansies and violas.  I had so much fun planting them and it officially marked the beginning of spring for me.



I then went out and bought a Spiderwort plant and a Karl Foerster grass.  I planted those two perennials and I thought to myself, “Finally.  We’re home.”  (When we lived in Menasha I planted 31 different kinds of perennials.  I’ve been waiting to recreate that list for four years now.)  Such a good feeling.  🙂

Karl Foerster
Karl Foerster

After that, I was on a roll.  I purchased two new metal buckets and covered it in toilet cleaner for an hour.  I know, I know, you’re thinking, “what the h…?  Toilet cleaner eats away at the outside of the bucket, aging it nicely.  I did another smaller one with vinegar.



I hung the larger one outside on a hook as a planter; the other is still waiting for its home.


So far I’ve planted a yellow climbing rose, potatoes, three kinds of lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, green and purple asparagus, rhubarb and strawberries.  All of the raised beds are done except for two.  They’re reserved for herbs and kale.  Today I’m planting lilacs, rose bushes, maple and oak trees.  We bought 25 of each from the county we live in.  Two to a hole means 50 holes to dig!  Think of me tonight – sore arms and back as I sit on the couch imagining what everything will look like in five years.  🙂


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