Weeds. Weeds everywhere…But We’ve Goat a Solution!

The one bad thing about having a farm is the weeds.  THEY.  ARE.  EVERYWHERE.  This year though we’re prepared to fight the battle instead of just acquiesce to it.

We’ve been outside pulling dead weeds from the driveway, by the barn, by the she-shed, by, and in, the goat and pig pens for a couple of weeks now.  We haven’t even started on the landscaped beds and I’m already sick of pulling weeds!  The one good thing to pulling dead weeds?  Fire.


I think it took us an hour to burn all the weeds we pulled that day.  I wanted to throw them in a big pile and watch it all go up at once.  However, my calmer, more logical husband said we should do it little by little.  So we did.  Until I kept throwing more and more on it and he yelled at me.  🙂  *shoulder shrug*  What can I say?!  I like bonfires.

Anyway, this year we have a plan to deal with the weeds…GOATS! That’s right folks, we are getting some Nigerian Dwarf goats.  We don’t know how many (I’d like a small herd, but again, husband is much more level-headed and logical) or the boy to girl ratio, or if we want to eventually have babies, but we know we want them!

In my search for baby goats, I was referred to ERSA Acres.  The owners were nice enough to let me come and visit and I was instantly hooked!  Goat heaven!  I was even invited to come back later that day to see one of the mothers give birth.  I thought I would watch, but I was able to help towel off the second born kid.

Photo courtesy of ERSA Acres.
Photo courtesy of ERSA Acres.
Photo by Amy McCarthy

We have eight weeks to decide how many we want and what gender we want.  Then we also have to decide what color to get – I’m partial to more white; Torran doesn’t care as long as it’s healthy.  That will be a hard decision because when I see them I want them all!  (UPDATE 4/10/16 – we are getting three girls and two boys!  I cannot wait until the beginning of June to welcome them home!)

We have to get all the goat related items for the barn, clean out their indoor pen and check over the fence to make sure they don’t escape since goats are little escape artists.  Oh, and I have to buy them animal crackers.  Apparently they like animal crackers.  So donations of animal crackers are welcome if anyone comes to visit.  Wink, wink family.  🙂

I can hardly wait…T minus eight weeks to go!


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