The pigs are here!  Our little farm is slowly filling up with animals and it couldn’t be more exciting!

The garden is tilled and half planted, the youngest chickens are starting to lay eggs (although they are still small eggs – they’ll get bigger with time), and the pig pen is almost ready for the pig’s summer home (they are staying in the goat pen right now as it has hog panels).  Next to arrive are the goats – finally something that’s more of a pet than a food source!  They arrive on May 21st and we have a lot to do beforehand to get ready.  We need to get food, straw and hay, buckets, and animal crackers.  (Remember?  They love animal crackers apparently.)

In between planting the vegetable garden and taking care of the animals, we have been diligently working on destroying the weeds.  I did find a duck’s nest with 11 eggs in some of the weeds at the back of the property – no more weeding there until they hatch!

I’ve purchased a few new perennials.  Two clematis, a bleeding heart, jacob’s ladder, a butterfly bush, and a forget-me-not (which I always forget the name to).  Seventeen more to go!

That’s all for now…enjoy some pictures a video of the pigs!





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