I can’t believe it has been almost a month since my last post.  I’m sorry, but exhausted!  We’ve had so much going on here at the farm that when I come inside for the night I have just enough energy to eat, shower, and collapse into bed.

The pigs are growing!


It seems like just yesterday they were small enough to comfortably carry.  Which brings me to transporting them from the barn goat pen to their new summer digs.  Torran finished putting up the electric fence and we put down some straw and placed their food and water buckets – it was now time to catch them.  We cornered them in a corner of the pen and I reached out, grabbed the back leg of one and lifted.  THE SCREAMING!!!  It was so0000 much louder than the first time we picked them up.  I had my arms wrapped around her belly and she was kicking and screaming and wiggling for her life while I jogged as fast as I could out of the barn and into their new pen. I’m sure the neighbors thought we were killing them already.  I got to the pen and set her down and she promptly ran away from me.  One down, three to go.  Back into the barn, I grab another and brace myself for the screaming and the struggling.  There I am again, trying my best to hold the pig as tight as I could so I wouldn’t drop it and running as fast as I could to the pig pen.  What a sight.  All the time Torran was smiling and smirking.  After the second one I told him it was his turn to catch the last two – he had yet to catch one; I did the catching and transferring the first time.  He did a great job and we both learned you can scare the sh*t out of something!


A day later they were back to normal – chasing each other around the pen, loafing in the sun, and digging everywhere.  I knew pigs needed a mudhole and so I thought a swimming pool would be a great idea.  We bought one, Torran dug the hole, filled it with water and we both watched over the course of a couple of days how it filled up with poop and mud.  Ew.  Not such a great idea, so we removed it and were left with a nice dirt hole that suits them much better when it is full of water.  We gotta learn somehow, right?  Turns out that swimming pool will come in handy a month later…


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