Third time’s the charm?

Apparently bad things do happen in three’s…my truck got hit.  Ugh.  At least now we’re pros at dealing with insurance companies.  This happened when I parked in my neighbor’s driveway to ask him a question.  He didn’t see me and backed into my passenger side door.  No big deal, I wasn’t mad.  He promptly called his insurance and it’ll be fixed soon.



You know when you pay off a vehicle that’s when things start to fall apart?  I hope this isn’t a bad omen of things to come.  Maybe I should be a hermit and just not leave the farm.  Seriously.  When I do go out now I am constantly noticing people on their phone, not paying attention, or just driving like idiots.  Is this heightened sense of awareness because of the accidents or just because I am getting older and value my life more?  I have turned into that person that bitches about idiot drivers and I sometimes fantasize about just letting someone hit me so I can go ape shit crazy on them.  Anyone remember the movie Fried Green Tomatoes?  The supermarket parking lot scene?  “TOWANDA!!”

Is it bad to want to do this sometimes?  There should be a place where you can go to drive a car into other cars like in the video.  Similar to a demolition derby but one car at a time – but I bet people would think that’s too dangerous now.  We, as a collective society, are turning into a bunch of sissies.  Driving, texting, selfish, entitled, ignorant zombies.  Ok, I’m getting sidetracked and can feel my blood pressure rising (God, I’m getting old) so I’ll get off my soapbox now and go watch my chickens.  My non-driving, phone illiterate, blessedly ignorant happy chickens.  🙂



Adventure or Nightmare?

Ring!  Ring!!  Ring!!!

“Hello?” I mumbled into the phone wondering why my husband was calling at 7:30 in the morning – maybe he forgot something on his way out the door.

“Hi honey.  I need a ride, I was in an accident and the Jeep is totalled.”

WHAT?!?!?!  I asked him what happened and then I asked where to pick him up.  I hung up the phone and ran around trying to get presentable…then I realized I hadn’t asked if he was ok!  I hurridly called him back – he was fine.  Phew!

Torran Jeep Crash
Torran’s poor Jeep.

He was making a left turn at a stoplight and the guy on the other side of the road turned on his blinker to turn as well…but didn’t actually turn.  He just plowed right into the passenger side of the Jeep at about 45 miles an hour.  At least both of them got out and asked the other if they were okay and then the police were called.  We have since learned that intersection is notorious for accidents.  Needless to say, Torran doesn’t take that way to work anymore.

That left us with one vehicle, so Torran took my Liberty to work for a week while we were waiting on a rental car.  The rental place hooked us up with a 2015 Dodge Ram – thank goodness because our driveway was still a sheet of ice and a car wouldn’t have handled it.

Thus started our adventure/nightmare of dealing with car dealerships.  The first nightmare was with a dealership in Illinois.  Torran had found a truck he wanted to look at so he called and spoke to someone in internet sales.  “Mara” said it would be ready for a test drive tomorrow morning.  We drove down there and we were pounced on right away.  The salesguy took us inside and told someone something and then promptly walked out the door.  Someone then told us “Mara” was out to lunch.  After waiting around for ten minutes we were finally told the truck “just” sold.  Torran asked why it was still on the website and we were told they were waiting on the title, but that they would be more than happy to show us something else.  Torran firmly said no and we walked out the door.  Turns out dealerships with websites will give you a false name and set something up so you come in.  Then, SURPRISE!  The vehicle is sold.  Interestingly enough, that truck is still on their website being used as bait.

We then vowed to stay out of Illinois and we went to a dealership in Kenosha – our second nightmare.  Torran test drove a truck, we agreed on a price and so the next day I went in to do the paperwork while he was at work.  That’s when the “douchebagginess” (my new word for car salesmen tricks) began.  The big trick was they only had one key but I could buy one from them for $300.  I called Torran and he said to leave, so I did.  Then Torran and the dealership started playing hardball by phone and I stayed out of it because, quite frankly, I was fed up with douchebaggy men and car dealerships.  Meanwhile, Torran found another place that had the truck he wanted and they were surprisingly nice – however, we knew the game they were playing.  Long story short – we never heard back from the second dealer and we bought a nice truck.

Fast forward a week and Torran, once again, called me at 7:30 in the morning.  HE WAS IN ANOTHER ACCIDENT!!!  What the hell!?!?  At least this time he was stopped at a red stop light and the car behind him plowed right into his bumper.  The car was totalled and our bumper and hitch was damaged.

Our truck.
The car that hit our truck.

We were not going to go through our insurance, so Torran called the other insurance company and now we had to deal with the douchebagginess of an insurance company that did not want to pay; they hadn’t even heard from their insured about the accident!  Again, long story short we are being mailed a check for damages.

Do I let Torran drive anymore?  Yes.  Am I going to be afraid next time the phone rings early in the  morning?  Yes.  Are we going to learn from this adventure/nightmare and go on living life?  Yes…but I will say this – Torran isn’t quite the same after the accidents.  😉